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Sourcing products can be overwhelming, costly and time consuming. And for most, comes with the uncertainty you'll get what you ordered the way you want it at all. This can cause businesses to turn away from outside sourcing completely as a means of procurement, and as a result pay much higher costs for their goods.

Thats where we come in. At OPM, we make it our mission to meet our customers expectations with excellence. Our procurement specialists make life easy, offering viable solutions in any situation and keeping you informed throughout the production process. With our factories producing for the top brands in the world, each factory is screened and qualified as well as undergoes routine quality control checks to ensure product integrity.    

Whether your goal is to cut down overhead, find the best product available or develop something new, OPM has you covered.

Screen Print & Embroidery

From basic to extravagant, our screen print and embroidery service provides customers with low minimums and quick turn around times. Perfect for new or growing brands, event companies, and big business alike. 

Silkscreen                     Foil Print    



             Water Base                         High Density                                         



Puff Ink 


                                 4  Color Process

Branding   & Product Development

With full production capabilities we          make it easy to bring your

   projects to life. With the

  ability to follow any

 tech pack specifications within

the cut & sew or molding processes.

  Mix that with over

 1,500 color options

and hundreds of fabric choices, 

 you'll have all the tools you need to       expand your product line

 and grow your brand.  

Procurement Partner

Looking for an experienced professional to handle procurement and supply chain management? Look no further. Work with a dedicated procurement specialist, pay only production cost and reduce overhead by 30%-40%. Great for businesses who order on a frequent basis in large quantities.    

Drop us a line to find out more details! 

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